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Pikeville College Yearbooks

Pike County Historical Society Surname Files

Summary Information

University of Pikeville
Pike County Historical Society.
Pike County Historical Society Surname Collection
12.0 Cubic feet4 cabinet drawers

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Pike County Historical Society Surname File Collection must be obtained from Allara Library, University of Pikeville. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

[name of item]. Pike County Historical Society Surname Files. Special Collections, Allara Library, University of Pikeville, Pikeville, KY.

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Historical Note

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Dorcas Hobbes of the Pike County Historical Society conducted research and collected information on a number of families in Pike County. Much of this information found its way into print in the Appalachian Ancestors column of the Appalachian News Express. When the Historical Society donated their materials to the Allara Library Special Collections in 1993, the files were transferred to the library and have been added to as researchers provide information on individual families.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pikeville

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Controlled Access Headings

Geographic Name(s)

  • Pike County (Ky.)


  • Appalachia
  • Eastern Kentucky
  • Genealogy
  • Names, Personal

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Collection Inventory

Folder 1Abshire

Folder 2Adair

Folder 3Adams

Folder 4Addington

Folder 5Adkins

Folder 6Adkins-Drake-Smith Pat Barnes

Folder 7Adkinson / Atkinson

Folder 8Akers

Folder 9Aldridge

Folder 10Allen

Folder 11Alley

Folder 12Allison

Folder 13Amburgey

Folder 14Amos

Folder 15Amyx / Amick

Folder 16Anders-Cantrell

Folder 17Anderson

Folder 18Artrip

Folder 19Ashley

Folder 20Austin

Folder 21Auxier

Folder 22B Miscellaneous

General Note

Barrett, Bowles, Botts, Burbridge, Black, Barton, Baseball, Beaty, Blair, Bush, Burgett, Bumgardner, Beaty

Folder 23Bach / Back

Folder 24Bailey

Folder 25Baisden

Folder 26Baker

Folder 27Baldwin

Folder 28Ball

Folder 29Bartley

Folder 30Bates

Folder 31Belcher

Folder 32Bell

Folder 33Bentley

Folder 34Berry

Folder 35Bevins - 1

Folder 36Bevins - 2

Folder 37Biliter

Folder 38Bird

Folder 39Bishop

Folder 40Blackburn

Folder 41Blakely

Folder 42Blakemore

Folder 43Blankenship

Folder 44Blevins

Folder 45Bliss

Folder 46Bogar

Folder 47Boggs

Folder 48Boldman

Folder 49Boone

Folder 50Borders

Folder 51Bowen

Folder 52Bowling / Bolling

Folder 53Boyd

Folder 54Boyles

Folder 55Brafford

Folder 56Branham

Folder 57Brengle

Folder 58Brewer

Folder 59Brock

Folder 60Brown

Folder 61Brunty

Folder 62Bryant

Folder 63Bryarly

Folder 64Burcham

Folder 65Burchett

Folder 66Burgess-Burnett-Burrus

Folder 67Burgett

Folder 68Burke

Folder 69Burris

Folder 70Butcher

Folder 71C Miscellaneous

General Note

Cavins, Click, Crockett, Cundiff, Calhoun

Folder 72Cain / Kains

Folder 73Caldwell

Folder 74Call

Folder 75Campbell

Folder 76Canada-Kennady

Folder 77Cannon

Folder 78Cantrell

Folder 79Carr

Folder 80Carter

Folder 81Cartmill

Folder 82Carroll

Folder 83Cary

Folder 84Case

Folder 85Casebolt

Folder 86Casey

Folder 87Cassidy

Folder 88Castle / Cassell

Folder 89Cates

Folder 90Caudill

Folder 91Cavins

Folder 92Cecil

Folder 93Chadwell

Folder 94Chaffin

Folder 95Chandler

Folder 96Chaney

Folder 97Chapman

Folder 98Charles

Folder 99Cherry

Folder 100Childres / Childress

Folder 101Chockley

Folder 102Christian

Folder 103Clark

Folder 104Clay

Folder 105Cleavor

Folder 106Clevinger

Folder 107Cline

Folder 108Cole

Folder 109Coleman

Folder 110Collier

Folder 111Collins

Folder 112Combs

Folder 113Compton

Folder 114Conley

Folder 115Conrey

Folder 116Constant

Folder 117Cook

Folder 118Cornett

Folder 119Cottrell

Folder 120Couch

Folder 121Courter / Courtier

Folder 122Cox

Folder 123Courtney

Folder 124Crabtree

Folder 125Craft

Folder 126Crager

Folder 127Crank

Folder 128Creekmore

Folder 129Cress

Folder 130Culver


Folder 132Curry

Folder 133Curtis

Folder 134D Miscellaneous

General Note

Darnell, Downing, Dyer, Duncan, Doak, Dickey, Dickers, Dean, Derossett, Dunbar, DeLong, Delaney, Dehart, Debusk, Dixon, Dennison

Folder 135Dale

Folder 136Damron

Folder 137Daniels

Folder 138Daugherty

Folder 139Davenport

Folder 140Davidson

Folder 141Davis

Folder 142Dawson

Folder 143Dean

Folder 144Debord

Folder 145Dempsey

Folder 146Deskin

Folder 147Deskins

Folder 148Dorton

Folder 149Dotson

Folder 150Drake

Folder 151Duty

Folder 152Dyes

Folder 153E Miscellaneous

General Note

Elam, England, Ewing, Ellison, Ernest, Ely, Elder, Edmonston

Folder 154Easterling

Folder 155Edmonds

Folder 156Edwards

Folder 157Elkins

Folder 158Elliott

Folder 159Ellis

Folder 160Elswick

Folder 161Epling

Folder 162Estep

Folder 163Evans

Folder 164F Miscellaneous

General Note

Fry, Fraley, Fain, Foster, Flaherty, Farr, Farris, Fannin, Fairchild, Flint, Forsythe, Foster, Frazee, Fults, Foreman

Folder 165Farley

Folder 166Farmer

Folder 167Ferguson

Folder 168Ferrell

Folder 169Fields

Folder 170Flanery

Folder 171Fleming

Folder 172Fletcher

Folder 173Ford

Folder 174Fouts

Folder 175Fox

Folder 176Francis / France

Folder 177Fredrick

Folder 178Fugett / Fugate

Folder 179Fuller

Folder 180G Miscellaneous

General Note

Gearhart, Grasser, Gorin, Gowen, Gooden, Gaddy, Garrell, Gibbon, Goodpaster, Greathouse, Galloway, Gilley, Glenn, Gullett

Folder 181Galbreath

Folder 182Gannon

Folder 183Gardner

Folder 184Garret

Folder 185Gibson

Folder 186Gillespie

Folder 187Gilliam

Folder 188Goble

Folder 189Goff

Folder 190Graham

Folder 191Gray

Folder 192Greer

Folder 193Greene

Folder 194Gregory

Folder 195Griffith

Folder 196Grizzle

Folder 197Gross

Folder 198Gunnell

Folder 199Gunter

Folder 200Guthrie

Folder 201H Miscellaneous

General Note

Helney, Harney, Honaker, Ham, Hannah, Hartley, Hackworth, Hayton, Helm, Henderson, Hendricks, Hibbard, Hilton, Hinkle, Hogston, Horton, Heiskell, Hough, Hougland, Humprey, Hunter, Hughes, Hubbard, Hoskins, Hoskinson, Hellier, Helvey, Hale, Hudgens, Herold, Herrell, Harris, Henderson, Hagins, Hairline, Hisle/Hysell, Hylton, Hildason, Halstead, Hagity/Hagerty

Folder 202Hackney

Folder 203Hackworth

Folder 204Hager

Folder 205Haggins

Folder 206Hagity / Haggarty

Folder 207Hairline

Folder 208Hall

Folder 209Hamlin

Folder 210Hamilton

Folder 211Hammond

Folder 212Hammons

Folder 213Hampton

Folder 214Haney

Folder 215Hankins

Folder 216Hanshaw

folder 217Hardin

Folder 218Hargis

Folder 219Harman / Harmon

Folder 220Harper

Folder 221Harris

Folder 222Harrison

Folder 223Hart

Folder 224Hatcher

Folder 225Hatfield

Folder 226Hatten

Folder 227Hayden / Heydon

Folder 228Hayes

Folder 229Helflin / Heflin

Folder 230Helton

Folder 231Hensely

Folder 231Hensely

Folder 232Henson

Folder 233Hereford

Folder 234Herrell / Herolds

Folder 235Hess

Folder 236Hicks

Folder 237Higginbotham

Folder 238Hill

Folder 239Hobbs

Folder 240Holbrook

Folder 241Hollingsworth

Folder 242Holt

Folder 243Honaker

Folder 244Hoover

Folder 245Hopkins

Folder 246Hopson

Folder 247Horn

Folder 248Howell

Folder 249Howard

Folder 250Howes

Folder 251Hudson - 1

Folder 252Hudson - 2

Folder 253Huffman

Folder 254Hunt

Folder 255Hurley

Folder 256Hurt

Folder 257I Miscellaneous

General Note


Folder 258Ingleton

Folder 259Ingram

Folder 260Irick

Folder 261Irvin

Folder 262Ison

Folder 263J Miscellaneous

General Note

Jenkins, Jaynes, Jacobs, Jaggers, Jayne

Folder 264Jackson

Folder 265James

Folder 266Jewell

Folder 267Johnson - 1

Folder 268Johnson - 2

Folder 269Johns

Folder 270Jones

Folder 271Joseph

Folder 272Jude

Folder 273Justice

Folder 274K Miscellaneous

General Note

Kearsey/Kersey, Kash, Kidd, Kimberling, Kirk, Kitchen, Kilgore, Kerr, Keach/Kash

Folder 275Kane

Folder 276Keathly

Folder 277Keel

Folder 278Keen / Keene

Folder 279Keesee

Folder 280Kelly

Folder 281Kendrick

Folder 282Kennedy

Folder 283Kieffer

Folder 284Kilgore

Folder 285Kimberlain

Folder 286Kinder

Folder 287King

Folder 288Kinney

Folder 289Kiser / Kizer / Keyser

Folder 290Kissick

Folder 291L Miscellaneous

General Note

Lemon, Litton, Lail, Lambert, Laughlin, Linney, Lacy, Lacky, Landers, Lester, Letch, Logan, Lovell, Luke, Lunceford, Lunsford, Lower, Lyons

Folder 292Lamb

Folder 293Landre

Folder 294Langley

Folder 295Lawson

Folder 296Layne

Folder 297Lee

Folder 298Leek

Folder 299Lemasters

Folder 300Leonard

Folder 301Lester

Folder 302Lewis

Folder 303Little

Folder 304Loar

Folder 305Lockheart

Folder 306Looney

Folder 307Lowe

Folder 308Lucas

Folder 309Luster

Folder 310Lycans / Lykins

Folder 311M Miscellaneous

General Note

Morehead, Madison, Madden, Maupin, Mauk, Morrison, Moser, Myers, McKenzie, McDaniel, McAndrews, McQueen, McRoberts, Menser, Montgomery, Morgan, McClure, McCombs, McKinney, McNeese, McMullin, McVeigh, Magoffin, Mauk, McBroom

Folder 312McBrayer

Folder 313McCarty

Folder 314McClanahan

Folder 315McCown

Folder 316McCoy - 1

Folder 317McCoy - 2

Folder 318McCoy - 3

Folder 319McCoy - 4

Folder 320McGuire

Folder 321McPeek

Folder 322MacBrayer

Folder 323Mace

Folder 324Maggard

Folder 325Mahan

Folder 326Marion

Folder 327Marrs

Folder 328Martin

Folder 329Massey

Folder 330Matney

Folder 331May - 1

Folder 332May - 2

Folder 33Maynard

Folder 334Mayo

Folder 335Mays

Folder 336Meade

Folder 337Meador

Folder 338Meadows

Folder 339Menasco

Folder 340Messer

Folder 341Milam

Folder 342Miller

Folder 343Millis

Folder 344Mitchell

Folder 345Moore

Folder 346Morris

Folder 347Morrison

Folder 348Mosley

Folder 349Mounts

Folder 350Muncy

Folder 351Murphy

Folder 352Murray / Murry

Folder 353Musick

Folder 354N Miscellaneous

General Note

Nichell, Nation, Newby, Napier, Nelson, Nolen

Folder 355Neal

Folder 356Neikirk

Folder 357New

Folder 358Newsome

Folder 359Nichols / Nickels

Folder 360O Miscellaneous

General Note

OQuinn, Ogle/Ogles

Folder 361Oakley

Folder 362O'Bryant / O'Brien

Folder 363Ogden

Folder 364O'Keefe

Folder 365Oliver

Folder 366Osborne

Folder 367Owens

Folder 368Owsley

Folder 369P Miscellaneous

General Note

Patrick, Payne, Poage, Place, Polly, Names, Parton, Poff/Pauff, Piercy, Priest/Preece, Proffitt, Pruit, Pugh, Purcell, Poe, Preston, Poteet

Folder 370Parker

Folder 371Parret

Folder 372Parsons

Folder 373Patterson

Folder 374Patton

Folder 375Pauley/ Polly

Folder 376Pauy

Folder 377Pelphrey

Folder 378Pennington

Folder 379Perkins

Folder 380Perry

Folder 381Phelps

Folder 382Phillips

Folder 383Phipps

Folder 384Picklesimer

Folder 385Pike

Folder 386Piles / Pyles

Folder 387Pinson - 1

Folder 388Pinson - 2

Folder 389Porter

Folder 390Potter

Folder 391Powell

Folder 392Powers

Folder 393Prater

Folder 394Pratt

Folder 395Price

Folder 396Priest

Folder 397R Miscellaneous

General Note

Radford, Ripee, Rister, Rister/Risner, Robinette, Ragland, Royal, Roberson, Riddle, Ridgway, Rasnick, Reece, Rife, Ringling, Ring, Rippee, Royster, Rittinger, Roland, Rose, Rowley, Rucker

Folder 398Raines

Folder 399Rainey / Raney

Folder 400Ramey

Folder 401Ramsey

Folder 402Ratcliffs

Folder 403Ratliff

Folder 404Ray

Folder 405Reed / Reid

Folder 406Remines

Folder 407Reynolds

Folder 408Rhoads / Rhodes

Folder 409Rice

Folder 410Richey

Folder 411Riggs

Folder 412Riley

Folder 413Roberts

Folder 414Robinson

Folder 415Roehrer

Folder 416Rogers

Folder 417Ross

Folder 418Rowe

Folder 419Runyon

Folder 420Rutherford

Folder 421S Miscellaneous

General Note

Southerd, Southwick, Slater/Slator, Shephard, Shields, Shannon, Salisbury, Sellards, Sergent, Shields, Shrout-Stephenson, Sizemore, Smiley, Snipes, Stafford, Skeen, Snow, Speaks, Stallard, Salyer, Stokes, Stricklin, Stringer, Sutton, Sykes, Stamper, Skeens

Folder 422Salyers

Folder 423Sanders

Folder 424Sansom

Folder 425Scott

Folder 426Senter

Folder 427Sewell

Folder 428Sexton

Folder 429Shaw

Folder 430Short

Folder 431Simpkins

Folder 432Sipple

Folder 433Skaggs

Folder 434Slaus

Folder 435Slone

Folder 436Smith - 1

Folder 437Smith - 2

Folder 438South

Folder 439Sowards

Folder 440Sparks

Folder 441Spears

Folder 442Spencer

Folder 443Stacy

Folder 444Stalnaker

Folder 445Stanley

Folder 446Stapleton

Folder 447Stapp Milton - Memiors

Folder 448Starr

Folder 449Staton

Folder 450Steele

Folder 451Stepp / Stapp

Folder 452Stevens / Stephens

Folder 453Stewart

Folder 454Stiltner

Folder 455Stone

Folder 456Stovall

Folder 457Stratton

Folder 458Stumbo

Folder 459Stump

Folder 460Sturgill

Folder 461Sullivan

Folder 462Swiney

Folder 463Sword

Folder 464Syck / Sick

Folder 465Syphers / Cyphers / Ciffers

Folder 466T Miscellaneous

General Note

Tyler, Turnmire, Totten, Todd, Tapp, Tolley

Folder 467Tackett

Folder 468Tanner

Folder 469Taylor - 1

Folder 470Taylor - 2

Folder 471Thacker

Folder 472Thomas

Folder 473Thompson

Folder 474Thornbury

Folder 475Thorpe

Folder 476Tibbs

Folder 477Tillet

Folder 478Toler

Folder 479Towler

Folder 480Trent

Folder 481Trout-Christian

Folder 482Trout

Folder 483Tufts

Folder 484Turner

Folder 485Tyree / Terry

Folder 486Usaru

Folder 487Vance

Folder 488Vanhoose

Folder 489Vanover

Folder 490Varney

Folder 491Venters

Folder 492Vickers

Folder 493W Miscellaneous

General Note

Wicker, Wiley, Wall, Walton, Warren, Wassum, Welsh, Weston, Whittington, Winchester, White, Watson

Folder 494Wagner

Folder 495Walker

Folder 496Walters

Folder 497Wampler

Folder 498Ward

Folder 499Warfield

Folder 500Warrick / Warrix / Worrix

Folder 501Watts

Folder 502Webb

Folder 503Weddington

Folder 504Week

Folder 505Wellman

Folder 506Wells

Folder 507West

Folder 508Wheeler

Folder 509White

Folder 510Whitts

Folder 511Wilburn

Folder 512Wilcox / Wilcoxen

Folder 513Williams

Folder 514Williamson - 1

Folder 515Williamson - 2

Folder 516Wilson

Folder 517Wiser

Folder 518Wolfold

Folder 519Wolfe

Folder 520Woodward

Folder 521Workman

Folder 522Woods

Folder 523Wooten

Folder 524Worthington

Folder 525Wright

Folder 526Wyatt

Folder 527Yates

Folders 528Yerry / Yeary

Folder 529Yonts

Folder 530York

Folder 531Young

Folder 432Younts

Folder 533Yost

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