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Pikeville College Yearbooks
Franklin Day Collection MS.1994.08

Franklin Day Collection

Summary Information

University of Pikeville
Creator - Compiler
Day, Franklin, 1911-1996
Franklin Day Collection
circa 1911-1981
4.0 Cubic feet4 archives boxes

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Biographical Sketch

William Franklin Day was both a student and teacher of Pikeville College. Day was born August 7, 1911 in Hindman, Kentucky, where his mother was a teacher. She was part of the Hindman Settlement School, and one of the women that came from outside of the mountain region to teach, often called quare women, taken from a book of the same title by Lucy Furman.

After graduating from the Pikeville College Academy in 1929, Day received his bachelors and masters degrees from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He majored in chemistry with minors in physics and mathematics. In 1942, he began teaching Chemistry at Pikeville College, and continued to teach until 1973. Among his hobbies were photography and collecting phonograph records. His photographs can be found throughout the Pikeville College image collection. He passed away on October 5, 1996.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Pikeville2/3/2015

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Controlled Access Headings

Geographic Name(s)

  • Pikeville (Ky.)


  • Appalachia
  • Chemistry
  • Eastern Kentucky
  • Genealogy
  • Photographs
  • Pikeville College
  • Universities and colleges--Kentucky

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Collection Inventory

Series 1Ephemeracirca 1900-19801.67 Linear feet7 items Box ID 39371010289015

Item 1Slide Rule, Lawrence Engineering Service, Peru, Indiana

[View Item]

Item 2Slide Rule, Keuffel & Esser Co. of New York

[View Item]

Item 3Soroban Oriental Calculator [Abacus] and guide book

[View Item]

Item 4Astronomical Lenses from Suffolk Science Service of Manorville, MY

[View Item]

Item 5Otis King Model L Cylindrical Pocket Slide Rule

[View Item]

Item 6Rectangular Protractor

[View Item]

Item 7Atlas Slide Rule with case and instructions

[View Item]

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Series 2Genealogy1850-19801.0 Cubic feetBox: 39371010289023

Folder 1Genealogy

1.1[handwritten Montgomery genealogy notes]

1.2[handwritten Lancaster genealogy notes]

1.3[handwritten Elkin/Sanford/Lancaster genealogy notes]

Folder 2Postcards and Letters


Names in letters include E. J. Montgomery, N.J. Elkin, Mrs. W.C. Jones, Mrs. H. Morgan, John Elkin, Mollie (Mary) Rammisey, George Hobbs, Robert Rowland, Susan Wharton, Polly Sandford, J.R. Harris - some of these are about a Christmas event.

Folder 3Obituaries


Obituaries for Ruth L. Clause, May Stone, B.F. Elkin, Charles B. Elkin, and John J. Anglin.

Folder 4Family Photos

Folder 5Documents of Bills0.1 Linear feet


Handwritten notes, mostly connected with Mary Sanford.

Folder 6Miscellaneous


Poetry, clippings, notes, envelopes, a funeral biography for Anabel Major Nisbet, Lum and Abner's 1936 Family Almanac and Helpful Hints, A Book About The L & N, and Let's Play a Game!

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Series 3School Files2 boxes Barcode: 39371010289288 Barcode: 39371010289296

Item 1Pikeville College Cubs and Cheerleaders, metal print block

Item 2Kodachrome Cine-Kodak Eight Safety Color Film, 7 boxesCirca 1945

Item 3Franklin Day's Bachelor Diploma, Duke University

Item 4Franklin Day's Masters Diploma, Duke University

Item 5[photograph of a soldier, unnamed, made by Elliotts' Peachtree Studio, Atlanta, GA1/21/1944

Item 6Organic Chemistry Composition Book, David Blevins

Item 7Organic Chemistry Composition Book, Fred D. Martin

Item 8Organic Chemistry Composition Book, George W. Greene

Item 9Organic Chemistry Composition Book, Rebecca Brown

Item 10Organic Chemistry Composition Book, Jimmie Hess

Item 11Organic Chemistry Composition Book, Joe Montibello

Item 12Organic Chemistry Composition Book, Sandy Huffman

Item 13Physics Laboratory Composition Book, David Blevins, two volumes

Item 14Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Phyllis Dye

Item 15Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Guinevere Mullins

Item 16Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Sam Boothe

Item 17Physics Laboratory Composition Book, John Sanders

Item 18Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Fred D. Martin

Item 19Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Betty Sue Martin

Item 20Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Kenneth Kinder

Item 21Physics Laboratory Composition Book, Dick Gilliam

Item 22The Mohigan, Morgantown High School yearbook, belonged to Vivian Williams1932

Item 23Messiah by Handel, text made by the Smithsonian1981

Item 24The Chanticleer, Duke University Yearbook1932

Item 25Laboratory Book of Elementary Organic Chemistry - textbook of Franklin Day

Item 26The Composition of the Anode Gas Produced by Two Types of Fluorine Generator, a Thesis

Item 27Grade Books used by Franklin Day, 17 total

Item 28General Notebooks used by Franklin Day1970-1979

Item 29Small record books

Folder 1Correspondence - Crack pottery

1.1booklet for the Thirty-Fifth National Gymanfa Ganu

1.2[5 notes mailed to the Physics Department from Hollywood, Fla.; they are physics-related, but no names are on the typed notes]

1.3"Fluoridation Unmasked" by Fanchon Battelle

1.4"Why the Battery Manufacturers Tried to Smash Jess Ritchie"

1.5"No one Has Ever Been Able to Say Anything Like This Before," D.B. Larson

1.6"Vitamin B12: The Struggle Toward Synthesis" by James H. Krieger

1.7"Chemistry and Physics of the Moon" by Harold C. Urey

1.8"Orbital Symmetry Control of Chemical Reactions" by Roald Hoffmann and R. B. Woodward

1.9"Molecular Orbital Symmetry Rules" by Ralph G. Pearson

1.10"The Story of an Ex-Smoker" by Louis F. Fieser

1.11"Artificial" by Howard J. Sanders

1.12"Polarography in Organic Chemistry" by Dr. Petr Zuman

1.13"Molecular Chemistry" by Dr. Linus Pauling

1.14"The Mossbauer Spectra of Chemical Compounds" by N.N. Greenwood

1.15Chemical & Engineering News, 1-15-1968

1.16"Isoelectronic Systems" by Henry A. Bent

1.17"Electrophilic Substitution at Saturated Carbon" by Donald J. Cram

1.18"Ligand Field Theory" by F. Albert Cotton

Folder 2Correspondence, Personal1960-1969


A few letters, two assignments, and newspaper clippings from the 1960s that are related to the college.

Folder 3Clippings [1]1950-1959


Newspaper clippings and comics related to dogs, 1950s.

Folder 4Clippings [2]1950-1959


Newspaper clipping and comics related to dogs and school, 1950s.

Folder 5Dog - Clippings1950-1959


Newspaper clippings and comics related to dogs, 1950s.

Folder 6Maps, Blueprints

6.1Franklin Day's class notes for Bible II1927-1928

6.2Blueprint of what the faculty of Pikeville College wanted in a math-science building1961

6.3Blueprints for Franklin Day's house

6.4Map of Burlington, North Carolina

Folder 7Wrecks - Clippings1950-1959


Newspaper clippings of various car accidents, 1950s.

Folder 8Elkin


Newspaper articles on individuals with the last name Elkin.

Folder 9Cartoons


Newspaper clippings of cartoons.

Folder 10Class Notes1960-1979


Notes and handouts for the classes he taught, 1960s-1970s.

Folder 11Prints


Prints of the Headquarters of George Washington and St. Phillips Church.

Folder 12Day [Unlabeled]


Various material, mostly related to the Presbyterian Church, but also prints of flowers, birds, King George V and Queen Mary, and an advertisement for German Cologne.

Folder 13AAUP [1]


Material related to the American Association of University Professors.

Folder 14AAUP [2]


Material related to the American Association of University Professors.

Folder 15Amer Assoc of University Professors


Material related to the American Association of University Professors.

Folder 16"Autographs"1940-1969


Board with signatures of students from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Folder 17Photos and Negatives College and Personal


55 negatives, some damaged, 4" X 5" and 27 small photos from Mrs. W.O. Wolfe to Mrs. Day, 2.5" X 3".

Folder 18Clippings


Articles on science and education.

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